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Blog » 5 Reasons to Send Flowers: Mother’s Day Edition

5 Reasons to Send Flowers: Mother’s Day Edition

5 Reasons to Send Flowers: Mother’s Day Edition

5 Reasons to Send Flowers: Mother’s Day Edition

by Jamie Woods 


Mother’s Day isn’t the only reason to send flowers in May. You also have Memorial Day (May 29th) and National Nurses Day (May 12th), among others. However, we decided to give you a special edition of 5 Reasons to Send Flowers that features a few reasons why we think you should send your mom flowers this Mother’s Day.

All those sleepless nights.

From the time we are newborns until we are teenagers (and probably beyond), our moms spend late nights taking care of us. Whether she was feeding us, or waiting up late with worry, most moms have lost some sleep over their children.


You have the greatest mom ever!

This reason speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to send flowers to the greatest mom ever!?


Your mom loves flowers.

She may grow a garden full of flowers, or she might not be able to keep alive even the easiest to care for of plants. Either way, if your mom loves flowers, treat her to one of her favorite things and send her an arrangement!


Moms work hard!

Every mom is different, but one thing we know for sure, all moms work hard to take care of their kiddos.


Moms believe in us, even when we don’t believe in ourselves.

She may push us to our limits. We may drive her batty, but no matter what, our moms believe in us. Even when we don’t think we are able to reach whatever goal we set out to achieve, our mom will be there to root us on til the end!


Order your Mother’s Day flowers now, and make mom proud!

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