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Blog » Tips for roses!

Tips for roses!

Tips for roses!

Tips for roses!

Roses are the most popularlysold cut flower around but they can be a bit tricky to keep. Here are a fewtips to keep them going strong.

#1Roses need to stay hydrated!

After some time, air bubbles and bacteria form that can block water flowinginto the stems, which can cause drooping. To reduce air bubbles from forming,there are a few ways to snip the stems. Either cut the rose's ends and put themin water immediately. Cutting the ends at a 45-degree angle will make it easierfor the flowers to soak up the water and will keep them looking their best forlonger. When working with roses, use a knife or pruner for sharp cuts tothe stems. Be sure not to crush the stem.

#2 Change the Water!

Changing the water regularly will help keep your blooms fresh. When youchange the water, be sure to remove spent leaves and petals that have fallen.Debris left in the water can shorten the life of your blooms. Floristsrecommend changing the water every other day to keep the water fresh—when youdo, this is a good time to re-trim the stems.

#3 Keep the Roses Cool!

Roses like cooler temperatures overall. Whatever you do, keep flowersout of direct sunlight and away from hot or cold drafty air. 

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